The company is located in the territory of Vico located in Gargano, surrounded by breathtaking scenery overlooking the sea, where it enjoys ideal climatic conditions for the cultivation of olives.


Thanks to the extraordinary fertility of the soil, cultivation and harvesting methods, an direct passage to the mill for cold extraction, VERDE MATEMATICO is defined as a perfect oil, the best quality, with excellent nutritional properties.


Cultivating a dream
A Passion for Growing Olives

"The quality is the result of a mix of factors - says Matteo Rosa, 55, lawer and passioned olive oil producer - is not enough that an oil is genuine, because genuineness does not mean quality​. I have always a real passion for the olive trees of Gargano. About ten years ago I aquired this beautiful property, with its centuries-old trees, this generated in me a determination to focus on excellence, even at the expense of quantity. VERDE MATEMATICO, is a limited production, the result of a blend of refined and obsessive attention to detail at all stages of production. VERDE MATEMATICO is an oil born from my desire to convey the new and ancient, all at the same time. A unique oil that stands apart for its mix of quality, tradition and biodiversity. VERDE MATEMATICO is an oil with exceptional organoleptic properties. Organoleptics is increasingly viewed as essential nutritional element as a source of taste  and a core contributor to health and well-being, accordiing to the latest scientific findings".

 Verde matematico is the title of a famous comedy by Andrea Pazienza, who died 16 June 1988, at the age of 32. For many people Paz will not need any introduction: he was one of the greatest Italian cartoonists, and an artist in the broadest sense of the term. I regard his as a friend, a guy riding his motorbike and drawing comics, brilliant, generous and melancholy, always hovering between heaven and hell. On a sunny summer afternoon many years ago he predicted my future as a producer of oil and drew this cartoon. To him, also a passionate olive tree lover, I wanted to dedicate my oil to him, the result of years of "patience" and a blended mathematically balance". 

Why Verde Matematico?

"...From yellow and blue will always born green, not pink or brown: is green. Mathematical Green.


(Andrea Pazienza)