Verde Matematico

The Perfect ExtraVirgin Olive Oil

A limited production oil with intense olfactory and gustatory category and with a great value, a material with a nutritional and sensory quality with aromas and tastes that tickle the palate. It is a source of health and longevity.


The peculiarities and taste that characterize VERDE MATEMATICO derived from mineral content of very special and unspoiled lands, between the sea and the hills of Gargano, where the area enjoys a unique microclimate with environmental conditions uniquely suitable to produce an extra virgin olive oil of extraordinary biological and organoleptic quality.


There are many variables that affect the chemical and sensory characteristics of our oil: the genetic components of the varieties of olive trees which specifically have a higher polyphenol content than others; the climatic conditions (precipitation, irrigation); the collection methods (non-violent); the collection period (anticipated at the expense of economic yield for the producer); the type of mild crushing the short kneading time as well as the conservation wich is protected from light and oxygen.

The result of this combination is an environmental and agronomic rare oil of the unique organoleptic qualities.